Chaos Legion second pack sale and release

Splinterlands admirers will be content to hear the latest updates on the Chaos Legion presale programs.

Presale: mission attained

Splinterlands’ Chaos Legion presale has concluded with terrific results. Together with the presale, Splinterlands also introduced a voucher airdrop procedure. They did this, in get to give every single participant the opportunity to make vouchers. These could then be used to unlock the capacity to purchase packs, if they have been staking SPS. At the time of presale the vouchers ended up buying and selling between $15 and $16. The players attained about $20M USD value of airdropped SPS and vouchers as the end result of staking!

The whole group desires to be recommended for their substantial assistance during the Chaos Legion presale celebration!

Chaos Legion Pack Sale – Section 2

The up coming period of the Chaos Legion pack sale, is to start off on December 8th, alongside with the launch of the set and will carry on until eventually Wednesday, January 12th, 2022.

Each pack acquired all through phase 2 of the sale will however require a single VOUCHER token, not like bonus packs, just as in the presale. Moreover, a overall of 2M VOUCHER tokens will be awarded to gamers with SPS tokens staked in their account in excess of 30 times commencing on December 8th, 2021 and ending on January 6th, 2022.

The total of VOUCHER tokens each account gets will be based mostly on the amount of money of SPS tokens they have staked as a proportion of the total SPS tokens staked in the system.

Then, from January 7th, 2022 and onwards, VOUCHER tokens will keep on to be awarded to SPS stakers at a amount of 20,000 per working day. They can be made use of for assorted rewards and promotions in the Splinterlands match from listed here to eternity.

The initially two airdrop playing cards will be airdropped to pack purchasers and included to the Chaos Legion established (generating them obtainable to be found in packs). This will manifest soon after the 2nd sale section ends on January 12th, 2022. 

All packs obtained for the duration of the 2nd section of the sale (in addition to all packs ordered in the course of the presale) will be suitable to get Equally of these airdrop cards. What’s more, the airdrop will nonetheless arise at the scheduled time even if not all of the 2M packs are sold in the next stage.

Be sure to notice, that there will be a complete of 13 airdrop playing cards in all.

Typical Sale

The Chaos Legion typical sale is scheduled to get started on Monday, January 17th, 2022 at 12:00 EST / 17:00 UTC.

The remaining 12M packs of chaos Legion, additionally any unsold packs from the second period of the sale will be readily available for sale at that time for $4.00 for each pack. You will no extended require VOUCHER tokens to purchase. Even so, you will need VOUCHER tokens, in order to receive reward packs together with much larger pack buys in a solitary transaction.

Make sure you take note that even if not all 2M packs are acquired during the 2nd period of the sale, the initial two airdrops will even now occur prior to the typical sale begins and thus will only be offered to gamers who purchased packs prior to then.

For more facts about the typical sale and quantity buy special discounts you should see this publish: Chaos Legion Common Sale & Quantity Low cost Information.

Selections acquiring packs

Commencing with the next pack sale section on December 8th and heading forward, Chaos Legion packs could only be obtained employing Credits in the Splinterlands shop. Players who desire to use DEC or SPS tokens to order packs can do so by employing their tokens to purchase Credits in their accounts. On the other hand, it will no for a longer period be attainable to acquire packs directly with DEC or SPS as it was through the presale.

This alter must remove dissimilarities for DEC or SPS tokens in between the site and the backend servers that procedure the payments. This was noted in some instances for the duration of the presale. Additionally, considering the fact that all buys will be going via Credits it indicates they will all be qualified to receive affiliate rewards. These have been not readily available for DEC or SPS buys through the presale.

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