The Top 10 Anime PFP NFT Projects For 2022

2022 Top 10 Anime PFP NFT Projects

If Twitter is any indication, there are a lot of anime fans in the NFT community. It is, after all, a shared interest among NFT collectors and artists. As a result, there are plenty of anime-themed NFT sets available.
Here are ten of the best Anime NFT sets available right now, without further ado.

The Original Anime NFT – 0N1 Force

On the whole, ON1 Force was probably not the first anime NFT to debut. Despite this, the popularity of anime NFT collections in recent months may be linked back to this collection.

0N1 Force is an imaginative NFT with loads of colourful colours and calm characters that debuted in August 2021 and sold out in minutes. These NFT PFP avatars offer a variety of fascinating features, including unusual masks, headphones, hairstyles, and more. The main characters, of course, have that traditional anime appearance. 0N1 Force was a sensation at the time of its release. Several celebrities and influencers invested in 0N1 Force at the time, the most renowned of them was Logan Paul, who spent over 100 ETH on a legendary NFT. The collection, however, was unable to maintain its hot start. While the current floor price of 0.4 ETH is still reasonable, it is significantly lower than the project’s peak price.


While 0N1 Force sparked the modern anime NFT craze, Azuki has become the project that defines it. These anime NFTs combine pop culture with traditional Japanese aesthetics. Each PFP and character in the Azuki collection has a unique set of characteristics, with each telling its own story.

Despite its introduction in January 2022, Azuki is currently ranked 6th among all NFT projects by total volume on OpenSea. Its current floor price is an incredible 23.9 ETH at the time of writing. Beyond simply being a blue-chip, it’s safe to say that Azuki has risen to this level of prominence the fastest of any NFT collection thus far.Even while Azuki’s popularity surprised many in the NFT community, it hasn’t slowed down the premiere anime NFT in the least. Furthermore, the Azuki crew is large, with previous experience at firms like as Blizzard and Facebook. While the team was initially quiet regarding a roadmap, the NFT project has since become more active with supplementary collections and other advances.


Karafuru, which is also inspired by Japanese cartoons, has the most distinct aesthetic of any NFT on this list. Karafuru’s incredibly bright, rounder, more playful aesthetic, thanks of the super great artist WD.WILLY, stands out among the other anime NFTs. Since its inception earlier this year, the collection of 5,555 NFTs has been quite amazing. Karafuru may not be a full-fledged blue chip, but with a current floor price of 2.94 ETH and a good holder distribution, it qualifies among today’s top anime NFTs.

Kiwami Kiwami is a more recent addition to this list. The cartoon NFT was created by a Japanese team and debuted on the Ethereum blockchain in March. They’re described as a “collection of 10,000 avatars for a next-generation community of artists, builders, and rule-breakers” on their OpenSea page. They certainly make for some slick and fashionable anime NFT PFPs.

In addition, the initiative is taking a deliberate approach to data collection. This comprises real merchandise as well as a Kiwami DAO that will serve as the project’s bank. On OpenSea, the collection has a floor price of 0.24 ETH at the time of writing.



Hikari NFTs, the “Home of Misfits,” combines a polished anime aesthetic with deep narrative and a serious roadmap. The collection was created by two teams, Chainlink and Jeez, and was released on April 11th.
The Hikari roadmap, dubbed the “Manuscript” by the team, has a lot of fascinating ideas. In fact, among other things, the anime NFT collection will include a comic book, streetwear, and a Hikari MOBA game. These are big promises, but if the Hikari team can keep them, this anime NFT collection will last a long time.


Akuma Origins

Akuma is another anime NFT collection with a style that is a little different from the others in this category. In terms of qualities and general aesthetic, it follows the trend of past anime NFT collections. The collection’s illustration style, which is reminiscent of Naruto and Gorillaz, is what sets it apart from other anime NFTs.
This collection of 5,555 anime NFTs was released in early April. The current collection floor price is 0.47 ETH. A wide range of NFT collectors may be interested in the series of bright alien-like avatars and anime touchpoints. Notably, the Akuma team has lately teased on Twitter at a companion NFT drop of what appear to be Akuma kids.


Haki NFT

Haki is a collection of 5,000 anime NFTs that are all different. This collection was created with the intention of expanding beyond the digital realm. Streetwear, NFT airdrops, live events, and other forms of holder usage are among the perks of this collection.

Haki could be a nice entry point for anime aficionados wishing to start their NFT collection, with a current floor price of 0.075 ETH.


Junk Shonen

Shonen Junk is an anime NFT collection with a lot of clout. To clarify, Shonen Junk’s software engineer, James Lin, is also a Crunchyroll co-founder. Crunchyroll is a prominent distributor of anime and manga content in North America, for those who are unaware. Crunchyroll is probably a big reason for anime’s growing popularity in the United States.

Not to mention that the collection’s creators have worked on some of the most well-known anime franchises ever. Shonen Junk holders will have access to future NFT collections from this skilled team, in addition to being able to flaunt some clean, well-designed PFPs.



Haus’ new project is in the Muri anime style. Muri chooses to face forward while other anime pfps face one side. Swords, weapons, and even lightsabers are used by some NFTs. They have a rugged, dark vibe to them that adds to their cool factor.

Muri will also be integrated into Haus’ huge ecology. The crew also intends to sell apparel and even a manga for the NFTs.


The Next Big Anime NFT: Aswang Tribe?

Finally, there is an NFT collection that has yet to be released. Furthermore, it may be the collection that deviates the most from the instantly recognisable anime style that so many others have chosen.

Aswang Tribe, on the other hand, is generating a lot of buzz on Twitter. Its account has over 100,000 followers and cultivates an active community that participates in fan art and other contests held by the team. Overall, these 3,333 NFTs are well-positioned to create a splash when they finally go live.
That concludes this list! It’s anyone’s guess whether the trend of anime NFTs will continue. In any case, anime enthusiasts have plenty of choices right now.


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