Dissrup To Auction Off Lady Gaga x Grimes Masks Plus An NFT Collection

The platform for superior-finish digital art and tradition, Dissrup, has just introduced the start of Vini Naso’s “Masks of the Immaterial.” This collection will attribute exclusive electronic artworks, as well as hand-crafted physical and AR wearable masks produced in collaboration with renowned artists. What’s extra, pop tradition icons Woman Gaga and Grimes wore these masks as tunes movie add-ons.

About Vini Naso’s “Masks of the Immaterial” Genesis Assortment

The Genesis Selection will incorporate 3 phygital masks and electronic editions. The three masks involved in this collection contain “The Hero Mask” by Lance V. Moore, worn by Girl Gaga in her ‘911’ songs video “The Shadow Mask” by Moore, worn by Grimes in her ‘Shinigami Eyes’ audio video clip as perfectly as “The Fates Mask,” built by Naso and Moore completely for this collection.

Dissrup will sell the three phygital masks independently. In addition to the mask, each individual mask consists of a a single-of-one digital artwork by Vini Naso and a wearable AR mask duplicate.

Carl Jung’s guide, “The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious” encouraged this collection. According to Vino Naso, “Masks of Immaterial” discusses the “unseen forces that guideline our choices and destiny.” “I am fascinated about how masks enable us tap into a lot less aware parts of our persona and transition a lot more fluidly amongst archetypes permitting our latent potentials to be actualized,” he discussed.

About Dissrup

In accordance to Yam Ben Adiva, Co-founder of Dissrup: “Collections like these reaffirm what we believe in – NFT technology will assist us provide new mediums for work of cultural and inventive significance.” Therefore, Dissrup is proud to develop its portfolio by welcoming these esteemed artists.

Dissrup is a platform that delivers cultural fanatics digital and phygital collectibles. What tends to make Dissrup different is that NFT holders can use the collectibles in both equally digital and true-lifestyle contexts. Via this collaboration, Dissrup hopes to go on difficult people’s preconceptions about NFTs.


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