Dude With Sign Crashes the NFT Party With Flash Auction

It was a worthwhile 24 hrs for online provocateur Seth Phillips — also recognized as Dude With Signal — very last 7 days with the launch of his limited-operate NFT auction. It gained about $20,000USD from 50 individuals, in spite of pushback from his fan base.

The artist’s @DudeWithSign Instagram account capabilities images of him keeping pithy handwritten signs in numerous locales. For the NFT auction, he partnered with aggregator @fuckjerry, combining their 23 million followers. It was the hottest illustration of memes fuelling the NFT increase.

Social commentary + NFT innovation

Taking part in off the slogan “WTF is an NFT?”, Phillips’ Dude With Sign NFT fall was a two-stage affair. An open up version lasted 20 minutes prior to the auction, which ran for accurately 1 working day, 6 minutes and 29 seconds.

Run by crypto firm Origin, the occasion mashed up a Kickstarter-like tactic with a normal NFT auction. Bidders were being grouped into tiers (platinum to bronze) and presented an NFT from in that tier. Objects bundled NFT-themed DudeWithSign shots to a “Cryptodude” pixel art rendering of Phillips.

Dude With Sign's NFT Pixel Art

The artist, who has collaborated with superstars like Justin Bieber and Vanessa Hudgens, has more than 7.5 million followers on Instagram. He posts images of himself keeping cardboard symptoms with handwritten messages these kinds of as: “Normalize Zoom Phone calls With The Digicam Off”, “Yes Netflix I am nevertheless Watching” and “I Am Significant AF Just From Standing Here” (posing with Snoop Dogg).

Sometimes foolish, normally sharp and insightful, Phillips has been “documenting the things the collective minds have been considering and emotion, but really do not usually say,” according to his site.

Dude With Sign with sign reading "You Can Be Famous and Not Have a Tequila Brand"

Anti-crypto sentiment simmers

Ironically, immediately after announcing his venture, Phillips’ lover foundation observed their possess voices. “Don’t do this guy, it is just a waste of means and awful for the surroundings,” reported one particular commenter, in response to the news.

When a lot of took concern with the environmental effects of NFTs, some others simply just bemoaned DudeWithSign’s slide from grace. Commenters when compared NFTs to “scams” and wondering why anyone would spend cash on electronic goods. If the criticism fazed Phillips, however, he gave no sign, and went in advance with the Dude With Signal NFT auction as planned.

Dude With Sign's NFT as a 3D Cube

Even with being an world wide web native, Phillips was new to the world of NFTs. Just after Beeple’s $69 million NFT art sale, the positive aspects of NFTs grew to become clear.

Whilst his first reaction was to generate another a single of his trademark indicators, Phillips suggests he was inspired to look further. “I was going to submit this panel [of him holding the “WTF is an NFT?” sign] a month in the past when absolutely everyone was speaking about NFT and seriously did not know just about anything about it, but I had a light-weight bulb minute to make it into an NFT the moment I got it.”


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