STEPM – Try to reach Mars by your steps

STEPM - Try to get to Mars by walking

Singapore, May possibly 16, 2022 (Globe NEWSWIRE) –To be honest, if someone had to pick the most intriguing Web 3.0 project combining Game-Fi and Social-Fi aspects that will be released soon, it would be STEPM. STEPM stands out among the other Move to Earn projects because of its intriguing ideas and aspirations. To join the ranks of past successful predecessors at the top.

STEPM visions and ideas:

It is clear from STEPM’s Whitepaper how passionate they are about their work. Elon Musk is my greatest favourite.

Step to Mars is abbreviated as STEPM. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, came up with the notion of transporting people to Mars, which inspired the M in STEPM. According to the team, STEPM was created with the goal of improving human health, both physical and mental. Building a qualified army to join the mission to Mars in 2029 by focusing on the daily activity that most people require, which is movement.

The Game-Fi portion of STEPM is based on the well-known Move to Earn principle. Along with NFT Spaceshoes, the team creates the STEPM app. Players can use the app to get NFT Spaceshoes, which come in a variety of styles and are ideal for a wide range of players. They can earn in-game tokens by walking, jogging, or running outside, which can be used or converted into cash as profit. STEPM hopes to encourage millions of people to adopt a healthy lifestyle in the face of climate change, gene enhancement, and the creation of an ecosystem fit for the Mars environment through Game-Fi.

At first glance, folks arriving at STEPM might believe that this is just another Move to Earn project like the others. However, when they dug deeper into the project, they discovered that the ideas and game mechanics attracted them. The developer team is a strong unit led by an inspiring visionary.

Mechanism for STEPM NFT Collections and Rewards.

With their outstanding designers’ ideas and inventiveness, the STEPM development team. They created incredible works of art that would appeal to sneaker enthusiasts. In addition, four types of NFT Spaceshoes are appropriate for each depending on player feedback. Walking, jogging, running, and training are all options. Each variety demands players to move at a different optimal speed, and the rewards are likewise variable.

The prize will be awarded according to the following elements for player fairness and the integrity of the reward system:

  • NFT Spaceshoes Efficiency (Low Durability affects Efficiency).
  • Type/quality of NFT Spaceshoes.
  • GPS signal – players will earn less if the GPS signal is poor.
  • Mobile Data signal strength and stability – if the data signal is choppy, it could also reduce earnings.
  • Randomization.

Another useful feature is that the NFT Spaceshoes are categorised into multiple quality levels. The higher a player’s NFT rate is, the greater the prize; also, their NFT will be more valuable in the NFT market. There will be four boxes of NFT Spaceshoes available for purchase, however the NFT quality will be random. Make the game more thrilling!


The STEPM programming team is confident in their Tokenomics concept. They employ STEPMnomics instead of Tokenomics because they believe in the uniqueness of their design. They claim that creating an outstanding Tokenomics will serve as a solid foundation for any Game-Fi endeavour.

Examining the competition in the Game-Fi sector, particularly Axie Infinity. Those behemoths are all dealing with the most serious issue: inflation. As a result, STEPM is aware of it and benefits from it. The game token SMT and the governance token SST are used in the STEPM system. SST has a finite quantity of 1,000,000,000 coins, with users receiving 30% of the total supply through move-to-earn and governance engagement. To make the supply sustainable and the return proportional to the difficulty, its token system borrows from successful Bitcoin processes like as “halving” and “difficulty bomb.”

SMT is a far more extensively used, traded, and liquidated token at STEPM than SST. SST cannot be minted by users until they have reached level 30. Players can, however, gain SMT as early as the first minute of their run. Players spend SMT all the time while earning it – to level up their shoes, fix their shoes, uncover a mystery box, and so forth. The constant use of SMT keeps the built-in financial system alive and effectively maintains currency value.

Specialties of STEPM:

The STEPM team has developed a credible anti-cheating technology. Whether participants put their phones on their dogs or cycle instead of running, the STEPM system can detect cheating and reclaim earned SMT or even suspend their account. Additionally, STEPM has established a cool-down period to prevent users from opening two accounts but just purchasing one NFT Spaceshoes to move between them. Users are unable to utilise these NFT Spaceshoes during the cool-down phase.

Second, it provides a hands-on experience for people who are transitioning from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. The to-earn model was originally presented in video games. Gaming is not for everyone, but walking or running is, and STEPM can reach a much larger audience this way. STEPM also focuses on mobile devices, which the majority of people use to access the internet on a daily basis. STEPM also aims to reduce people’s resistance to utilise Web3.0-specific capabilities. Its built-in wallet allows users to deposit crypto straight from centralised exchanges, eliminating the need to Google “how do I register a crypto account.”

The STEPM community is crucial in spreading the word about the app. Both Telegram and Discord have active and welcoming communities. Beginner guides can be found all over the internet. Many children even assist their parents in purchasing NFT Spaceshoes and participating in the game. Their parents don’t need to understand blockchain; all they have to do is use the app, exercise as usual, and earn.

STEPM invites users to give it a try once the app is out, and the whole user experience design displayed in the clip is rather seamless for them. Players are confident about STEPM’s future as long as the “STEPMnomics” remain consistent. Web 3.0 fitness initiatives are becoming increasingly popular these days. Move to Earn will be one of the first candidates in a new wave aimed at bringing Web 3.0 to a wider audience.

Join STEPM on the voyage to Mars right now!


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