Trump Tweets for Charity

About 46,000 tweets from previous U.S. President Donald J Trump are staying bought as NFTs, with all revenue heading to charity. The Strategic Meme Group, a firm of college learners dedicated to social excellent, are offering “Drumpfs” — Trump tweets for charity.

But in a twist, the funds raised will go to businesses opposed to the themes of Trump’s numerous missives. For occasion, revenue gained from tweets attacking mail-in ballots will go to supporting the ACLU. A sequence of 100 hand-picked “infamous” tweets are also out there, covering notable times from Trump’s presidency.

The Price of Twitter Infamy

The Drumpf NFTs array in selling price from .0232 ETH for frequent tweets to 4.5 ETH for “infamous” entries. The archive incorporates Trump’s primary tweets from right before his presidency right until his suspension from Twitter in January, 2021.

“Drumpf” is a reference to a 2016 phase of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” that pointed out how the Trump household title was modified from Drumpf in the early 20th century. This, far too, is a delicate matter for the notoriously skinny-skinned former president.

A Presidental Archive With Function

The NFTs are searchable and sortable into categories these types of as “infamous”, “deleted” or “flagged”, as properly as by time time period. Checkboxes permit buyers to decide on pre-presidency, 2016 presidential marketing campaign, presidency, 2021 presidential campaign and “lame duck”.

The web-site delivers important data about the tweet in problem, alongside with neural web-produced artwork. The artwork is primarily based on push photos of Trump over his long and storied profession in and out of politics. Although several of the Drumpfs have seemingly-random imagery, the overall deal is very likely to fulfill supporters and critics alike.

Social Commentary + Crypto

Considerably less most likely to remember to Trump’s followers, even so, is the charitable ingredient of the undertaking. Although “Trump tweets for charity” looks like a noble target, Drumpfs have a various spin. Income from every single sale will be donated to companies preventing the policies Trump promoted as president.

For instance, a tweet about careers is tied to the “One Good Wage Crisis Fund”, which supports hourly personnel through the coronavirus pandemic. One more criticizing previous president Barack Obama will go to help the Obama Foundation — confident to upset Trump and his followers.

Also on the “social consciousness” front, the Drumpf venture aims to be environmentally friendly. Organizers are purchasing carbon offsets to stability out the expense linked with applying the Ethereum blockchain. The Strategic Meme Team pledges to acquire offsets “from primary organizations in the business with the best oversight requirements.”

Early Outcomes Clearly show Assure

A lot of of the Drumpf NFTs have now bought at a value equivalent to $90. No matter whether for the reason that of the charitable donations, or partaking in a challenge absolutely sure to draw Trump’s ire, or basically for the novelty, momentum is setting up.

While none of the approximately-$18,000 USD “infamous” tweets have offered at the time of writing, the job has undeniable attractiveness. Just one commenter on Twitter proclaimed “I just bought my 1st #NFT – a vintage #DonaldTrump tweet!”


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