10 Female-Led NFT Collections To Check Out For International Women’s Day

Check Out These 10 Female-Led NFT Collections for International Women's Day

It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in the realm of NFT. Not only are there only a few female-led NFT initiatives, but there are even fewer that include women in their artwork. To be honest, the NFT space has devolved into another boy’s club, with many guys developing NFTs for other males.

“While NFTs have been touted as a democratising force in the art world, the space has allowed for the same structural biases we see in our society today to grow,” Asian-American artist Drue Kataoka told NFTevening in a prior interview.

However, there is some good news. Recognizing these flaws, several women have stepped forward to create stunning collections that represent women. Aside from the NFTs, many of these projects aim to empower women in the community and beyond. Some of these have celebrity endorsements and are selling for millions of dollars.

On International Women’s Day, we’re recognising ten of these female-led NFT collections that are changing the industry for the better.

Top Female-Led NFT Collections You Must Know

Here are our top picks for the best female-led NFT collections:

World of Women NFT – the hottest female-led NFT project

World of Women, which debuted in July of last year, is one of the most popular female-led NFT initiatives on the market. The collection includes 10,000 different female NFT avatars, which have grown popular among celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria.

In a recent interview with NFTevening, Yam Karkai, artist and co-founder of the project, said, “I’ve always drawn women and through my art, I’ve always attempted to put women in the spotlight, demonstrate women empowerment, and highlight a variety.” She aspires to change the NFT community as a whole via World of Women.

One of the project’s main goals is to assist one-of-a-kind crypto artists and women-focused nonprofits. The WoW Fund, for example, was established with 15% of main sales to showcase rising NFT artists in the sector. In addition, the project supports a variety of women-led and sustainability-focused organisations, such as Code Green NFT, She’s the First, and Too Young To Wed.

The data, after all, speak for themselves. World of Women’s floor price was 7.15 ETH at the time of publishing. Furthermore, at the time of writing, its total trading volume has surpassed 55,000 ETH, or nearly $140 million.

Sad Girls Bar NFT

Sad Girls Bar is ideal for folks who appreciate monochromatic artworks. Glam Beckett, a female artist, released the NFT collection in August 2021. It has 10,000 NFTs derived from more than 350 attributes. Piercings, eccentric haircuts, and even a drink are among these characteristics. The collection is quite relatable to folks who enjoy a gothic style. The collection, in fact, accurately portrays Beckett’s creative style, which revolves around themes of love and death, melancholy and loneliness, dark romance, and witchy vibes.

Skeletongue and Sad Cat, two other companion compilations, soon followed suit. Those who acquire all three NFTs from the initiative will have the opportunity to create a “super NFT.” The Sad Girls Bar NFT project also provides holders with several perks, including a future Sad Girls Bar in the metaverse. It also intends to donate 10 ETH to Mind and Agenda’s “Women Side by Side” peer support programme for women.

Boss Beauties NFT

Boss Beauties is another top female-led NFT enterprise making waves in the field. Lisa Mayer, whose company, My Social Canvas, has been teaching and empowering women and girls for the past ten years, is the brains behind the project. Boss Beauties is a continuation of this objective, with a portion of the proceeds going to mentoring and scholarship programmes for young women. The initiative, which began in September of last year, has accomplished several notable milestones, including becoming the first-ever NFT to be exhibited at the New York Stock Exchange.

Boss Beauties is essentially a collection of 10,000 distinct female avatars in various empowering roles. Doctors, astronauts, presidents, mothers, soldiers, and more can all be found in the collection. On OpenSea, the collection has gathered 12,500 ETH or around $31 million in trading volume. Furthermore, some celebrities, like Eva Longoria, Jade Roper Tolbert, and Morgan Lake, possess Boss Beauties NFTs.


Similar to female representation, Asian representation in the NFT industry is severely limited. With its collection of 8,888 Asian women NFTs, the 8SIAN NFT project is attempting to address both of these issues. Nicole started the project with the goal of “representing and showcasing the different cultures and legacy of Asia in the virtual world.” The NFTs, according to their objective, feature a varied group of women from many Asian cultures.

The 8SIAN NFT line also has several unique features. For starters, there’s the community-led fund, which hosts contests and events while also supporting charities and young artists. The ambitions to incorporate the project into the metaverse, however, are the main highlight. Members can look forward to an 8SIAN Museum, 3D metaverse-ready 8SIANs, and Asian-inspired digital wearables shortly!

Fame Lady Squad NFT

The founding story of Fame Lady Squad is possibly the most intriguing of all time. They were the first female-led NFT project in space when it launched in July 2021. Naturally, the idea immediately acquired traction as a result of this. The “female” developers, on the other hand, were out to be, erm, Russian dudes. Needless to say, this sparked widespread uproar in the community, prompting the founders to give over the project to key members of the community.

Fame Lady Squad was revived in late August by Bored Becky (Ashley), Data Lady (Saul), and NFTIgnition (Danielle), who is currently in charge of the project. Furthermore, the collection is one of the first community-run collectables initiatives, with 8,888 different ladies. The project’s main goal now is to help women from all walks of life succeed in the crypto and NFT industry. For 0.175 ETH floor, you can get an NFT from the collection on OpenSea.

The Flower Girls NFT

Varvara Alay, a graphic designer and illustrator, debuted the Flower Girls NFT line in December of last year. 10,000 unique NFTs are generated from over 950 hand-drawn qualities in the Ethereum-based collection. The series stands out in the crowded collectables market thanks to Alay’s surrealistic and abstract artwork. The NFTs are excellent fine art pieces centred around the themes of natural beauty, purity, and diversity.

The Flower Girls project’s purpose is to help children at its core. To make this possible, the team will contribute 20% of main and secondary sales to various children’s organisations. Aside from that, they’ve set aside 5% of primary and secondary sales to collect NFT art from children.

Flower Girls has gathered over $10 million in OpenSea sales volume in less than three months since its inception. Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Eva Longoria are among its celebrity backers, as are Gary Vaynerchuk and Brie Larson.

Women Rise NFT

Another new female-led NFT collection in the space is Women Rise. Despite this, celebrities such as Gary Vaynerchuk, who coined 10 NFTs during the project’s December launch, have already endorsed it. The project has generated over $13 million in OpenSea trade volume in a short period. Maliha Abidi, a well-known visual artist, developed a collection of 10,000 NFTs that represent women all around the world. Abidi, a Pakistani-American artist, has used her art to advocate for social justice.

Indeed, the compilation honours “activists, artists, scientists, coders, and many others who are rising to improve the world!” The project’s main purpose is to help global gender equality initiatives. They’ve committed 7.5 per cent of the earnings to international organisations fighting for women’s rights, gender equality, girls’ education, and other causes.

Remarkable Women NFT, the most recent NFT project directed by a woman

Remarkable Women is a tribute to the “variety and force of women’s stories,” created by Canadian painter Rachel Winter. The 6,000 NFTs in the collection provide messages of hope and inspiration in ten languages. The NFTs are highly appealing due to their brilliant colours and striking designs, which are inspired by fashion, feminism, and ethnic diversity. The collection, which was only released last month, has already sold out and generated over $1 million in sales.

Remarkable Women’s focus on women empowerment extends beyond its artwork, as it does many other female-led NFT enterprises. To begin, 10% of all main sales are donated to the Fund for Women’s Equality. Second, 10% of all secondary sales will be donated to the Remarkable Women’s Impact Fund. This fund will assist initiatives related to women, justice, equality, and inclusion, as determined by a community vote.

Long Neckie Ladies NFT

Long Neckie Ladies, a 13-year-old girl’s NFT initiative, is another inspiring female-led NFT effort. Long Neckie Ladies is a fine art collection of 3,333 unique female avatars billed as a “collection for dreamers.” All of the NFTs in the collection are one-of-a-kind and were created using an algorithm based on Hayes’ hand-drawn features. The elongated necks of the works are inspired by the young artist’s favourite dinosaur, the Brontosaurus.

Hayes made a splash in the NFT world with her NFT collection. Long Neckie Ladies’ trade volume on OpenSea has already surpassed $4 million, with a 0.569 floor. Hayes also made history as the first NFT Artist in Residence at TIME Magazine. She has also won numerous prizes, including the NFT. Future 50’s most influential persons in tech in 2021 and NYC 2021 Emerging Artist of the Year Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon, and Logan Paul, among others, are among her celebrity supporters.

Kumo x World Residents NFT

Kumo x World Residents is a collection of 6,666 NFTs by Nikki Siu Hai, a female artist. The Kumo Residents are made up of approximately 500 qualities and are divided into nine classes. Ape, Harajuku, Foodie, Creative, and Ninja are just a few of them. The project’s total sales volume has surpassed $8 million so far.

Every Kumo Resident can become an explorer and travel about the Kumo globe, meeting other explorers. They can also participate in expeditions together. A percentage of the proceeds from the initiative is reportedly donated to children’s and mental health organisations. In addition, the team intends to publish NFT, a children’s fairytale. Kumochis (companion NFTs) and KxW coins are also on their agenda.

NFT projects are driven by women, such as those mentioned above, bringing about a much-needed change in the NFT space. However, this is only the beginning, and we hope that these initiatives will encourage more women to join the movement. Nonetheless, as a first step, the industry may support existing female-led enterprises in the field to promote diversity and inclusion.


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