Boss Beauties NFT Founder Lisa Mayer on Creating More Opportunities for Women Using NFTs

Lisa Mayer’s non-profit organisation, My Social Canvas, has been assisting the next generation of girls and women for the past ten years. To put it another way, the social enterprise gives mentorship and professional possibilities to young women in high school and college all across the world. Mayer created the Boss Beauties NFT line in September 2021 to continue her aim.

Boss Beauties rose to attention as one of the few NFT collections focusing on women at the time. Furthermore, in the mainly male-dominated NFT field, there were just a few projects directed by women. The collection, which is an extension of My Social Canvas’ aim, includes 10,000 female avatars in various, empowering roles.

Mayer told NFTevening, “Boss Beauties is on a mission to inspire women and girls that they can be anything they want to be.” “Through mentorship programmes and scholarships, we strive to assist women and girls in creating the life and profession of their dreams.” We’ve developed a global network that spans the globe, and we’re delighted to continue to grow and increase our impact in the years ahead.”

What is the Boss Beauties NFT collection?

Boss Beauties appears to be an NFT collection with 10,000 unique female avatars at first glance. It is, however, not your typical PFP project. Boss Beauties was founded as an extension of the same mission and ideals that My Social Canvas promotes. It focuses on providing possibilities for women and girls.

“My Social Canvas has helped provide mentorship and career possibilities to high school and college-aged girls all over the world for the past ten years,” Mayer added. The team’s goal is to empower people who are at the cutting edge of technology, leadership, and innovation.

As a result, My Social Canvas is forming a global network of Gen Z females who are also social entrepreneurs. The firm has hosted hackathons, mentorship panels, and events in collaboration with global brands, companies, and outstanding female mentors. Mayer and her crew were able to launch Boss Beauties thanks to the contacts they’d made over the years.

Boss Beauties founder Lisa Mayer

“We recognised untapped opportunities for women in the NFT market,” she stated. “Boss Beauties was a natural extension of My Social Canvas’ aim, but to leverage NFTs to expand opportunities for women,” says the founder.

In September 2021, Mayer finally launched Boss Beauties. The NFTs were 0.08 ETH each at the time, and they sold out in under an hour. The project’s floor was 0.68 ETH at the time of writing, with about $36 million in sales volume on OpenSea.

The success tales of Boss Beauties don’t end with their sales figures. In reality, since its inception, the initiative has formed some fantastic collaborations in the space and accomplished some remarkable feats.

Boss Beauties: The first NFT project displayed at NYSE

Boss Beauties made history as the first NFT to be shown at the New York Stock Exchange shortly after its debut (NYSE). Given the NYSE’s history, this is very relevant. Women were initially barred from trading and attending the NYSE, which was founded in 1792.

The exchange didn’t start hiring many groundbreaking women until after 1943. Muriel Siebert dubbed the “First Lady of Wall Street,” was refused nine times before becoming the first female member of the New York Stock Exchange.

Boss Beauties NFTs displayed at the New York Stock Exchange

“On December 28, 1967, Muriel became one of the exchange’s 1,365 male members,” claimed Mayer. “This is highly important, as it shows that women can be anything they desire and have everything they need to break new ground in male-dominated environments.” Women may claim their power, recognise their worth, and take their rightful place at the table.”

The Boss Beauties collection is based on these sentiments as well. Needless to say, their initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange is a historic event in and of itself. NYSE currently has seven Boss Beauties on exhibit. Six of them are located outside the historic Muriel Siebert Boardroom, which was named after Siebert, the first woman to possess a seat on the New York Stock Exchange.

The project has set up a scholarship fund

Boss Beauties, like My Social Canvas, is dedicated to empowering the next generation of female leaders and changemakers. The project has established a scholarship fund to help with this. The collection raised almost $3 million in the first two months of its introduction to continue its mentorship programme.

“We were able to continue our mission because of NFTs,” Mayer remarked. “From our first mint, 5% was set aside to support our mentorship programme, which aims to help the future generation of female leaders.”

In addition, the project gave 5% of its proceeds to Fame Lady Squad to help them establish their projects to educate women in the NFT industry. In addition, on October 11, 2021, Boss Beauties auctioned a 1/1 NFT to commemorate International Day of the Girl. The entire selling earnings went to an honorary scholarship in the name of Louise Jones, the youngest woman to hold stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

As a result, women and girls in finance will benefit. The auction’s 1/1 NFT is presently on display outside the Muriel Siebert Boardroom.

“Everything we accomplish in the future will help support even more mentorship and scholarship programmes for women and girls,” she continued. “We’ve been doing this for ten years, and it’ll always be at the heart of Boss Beauties.”

Frida Kahlo's NFT art

Meet the Boss Beauties Role Models collection

This March, Boss Beauties released a new limited edition 1/1 NFT series named Boss Beauties Role Models in honour of International Women’s Day. The collection, which was created in conjunction with Cathy Hackl, a world-renowned metaverse/Web3 strategist, honours some of the world’s most notable women.

“Inspiring change-makers and trailblazers from history as well as the present world are featured in this anthology,” Mayer remarked. There are 25 female role models in all in the collection. Amelia Earhart, Cleopatra, Frida Kahlo, Princess Diana, Rosa Parks, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Maya Angelou are among the women honoured.

Boss Beauties auctioned the NFTs on OpenSea after presenting the collection in New York City. Scholarships and mentorship initiatives were funded with a portion of the revenues. The team also collaborated with “world-renowned brands” to “co-create life-changing possibilities for women and girls with us, who will assist them develop the jobs they love.”

What is the future for Boss Beauties? 

Boss Beauties already provides several benefits to its collectors. This includes, among other things, free mentorship events, free books from the Boss Beauties Book Club, and free NFTs. The Boss Beauties Convention is a music and arts festival including motivating presentations from female CEOs.

Moreover, the initiative continues to collaborate with some of the industry’s largest personalities. Marvel established a relationship with Boss Beauties late last year to “spotlight their work on women empowerment.” More information on the collaboration has yet to be released by the two parties.

In addition, the project partnered with Barbie, the top doll manufacturer, for a Role Models drop earlier this year. Hugo Boss, Rolling Stone, Neiman Marcus, and Coinbase are among its partners. The project either gave away free mints to holders or organised auctions that fully supported scholarships and charity as a result of these relationships.

A female avatar in black jacket with rolling stone logo in the background

Boss Beauties to be stored inside the Arctic World Archive

Additionally, Boss Beauties will print the collection on archival film and store it at the Arctic World Archive. To explain, the Arctic World Archive is a repository for monumental objects from human history that is located 300 metres below the permafrost of an arctic mountain. This includes Vatican manuscripts, masterpieces of art, and crops needed to repopulate the planet. Boss Beauties, along with other historically and culturally significant artefacts, will be preserved for over 1000 years.

Mayer stated. “Over the next year, we plan to bring on more female artists to work with us on NFT collections, fund more scholarships for women, and bring more mentorship opportunities to the table.”

Mayer has a straightforward message for female artists who want to work in the NFT space —“Don’t wait to start.”

“Currently, women only account for 16% of NFT artists,” she added. “Be true to who you are as an artist and start putting yourself out there.”



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