Interview with Dumpster Birds NFT

Good day neighborhood! Modern visitor is Foffej — Artist of Dumpster Birds NFT.

Chris: Dumpster Birds are hand-drawn electronic artwork creations that depict pigeons of New York. It is exceptional nonetheless intriguing! Why did you choose pigeons for your NFT project?  

Foffej: Our crew is based mostly in New York, and we wanted to opt for an animal that truly signifies NYC so it felt fitting we selected the pigeon.  NYC is a rough put to survive as a fowl and they are known for feeding on regardless of what scraps of foods they can obtain in particular in close proximity to trash cans. That’s why the name “Dumpster Birds” which felt really fitting for our NFT.

Chris: Each and every Dumpster Bird is a essential to a host of amenities like functions and giveaways. What are the important positive aspects of owning a Dumpster Chook token?

Foffej: There are tons of interesting traits in our 10K assortment that make them special just as parts of artwork with whole IP legal rights to just about every holder.  Nonetheless, proudly owning a Dumpster Hen NFT is an financial investment on lots of ranges. You are acquiring into a membership with gains that will increase in excess of time.  We are constantly wanting for collaborations with other assignments to grow on the utilities function and even have been investigating strategies to give our holders digital access to the metaverse.

Chris: The pigeons are getting in excess of the Metaverse. Specifically, how lots of tokens will be released in the initially public mint? Do you have designs to convey other collections as properly?

Foffej: Presently we have a complete 10K assortment that will be accessible for the public beginning on 6/21 for a confined launch.  We also have options to release a Particular Version series that would be an very uncommon selection.  Not to point out the Dumpster Squab!  Only holders of (2) or far more DB NFTs can unlock a child Dumpster Chook NFT just after significantly of the assortment has bought out.

Chris: Talking of minting, how will the tokens be built accessible for invest in? What will be the method of minting a Dumpster Hen?

Foffej: Our collection is offered exclusively on by connecting your Meta-Mask wallet to our website.  Each NFT is saved as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Chris: Minting of the tokens would reveal the qualities with a random collection. What are some of the exceptional characteristics? How will the traders recognize the rarities?

Foffej: Our rarest qualities are: Color-Broken Tv set, Beak-Vendumb, Hat-Indian Head, Outfits-Joker Go well with, Marty J Chicken, Medieval Chicken, OctArm and all our Golden Birds.  Immediately after complete mint, we will launch a rarity software for investors.

Chris: More importantly, what would be the price of each individual Dumpster Fowl token? How much will be the minting expense?

Foffej: Our present mint cost as of 6/21/22 is .075 ETH so get 1 though fuel is very low and they’re however readily available!

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Source: NFT Calendar


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