Mission Four Brings New Game Mechanics to Colonize Mars

In Spring of 2022, Colonize Mars released new staking pools to their activity. These pools authorized gamers to stake Martia tokens and receive some of the basic assets for the Mars colony. Given that then, these pools have expanded to make no much less than sixteen distinctive means! But that process will be thrown out as in July with a new economy. In addition, we’ll see revenue for Mission 4 NFTs open up in July as well, with a gamers paying for cards from NFT pools.

However it commenced as in idle clicking and staking recreation, Colonize Mars is completely ready to elevate its Mars settlement building, sport undertaking to a new level. With complex, interconnected output chains, a gamified, cooperative developing simulation, and new NFT swimming pools that maintain cards for acquire, the globe of Mars will see some some major shakeups and power gamers to alter the way they enjoy the game.

New Useful resource Manufacturing Chain

The passive staking technique was always intended to be short term. And Colonize Mars is just about all set to implement a whole-on creation chain. Just about every NFT will have its very own production values, and a price tag affiliated with making the methods. For case in point, an Ice Mining Rig utilizes Electric power and creates Drinking water. Although Civil Engineers require Drinking water, Wellbeing, Meals, and Oxygen in exchange for producing Construction Materials and Engineer Labor.

As prolonged as your NFTs have their demands achieved, each individual hour, they make means and Martia tokens for you. Resource output is also be afflicted by the overall health of the NFTs. If a card is “damaged” because of to a hazard occasion, then its output will be diminished by an equal proportion. These benefits are all in shared pools. So those people pools with much more participants will see considerably less payout for each player. Card rarity impacts your pool share as effectively.

This improve provides a real financial system to Colonize Mars, and forces gamers to obtain complementary playing cards in order to make most effective use of their NFTs. It truly requires some tactic alternatively of just dumping every little thing into staking and accumulating tokens each and every the moment in a even though, which is a pleasant modify. Also, all Colonize Mars assets exist as tokens on the WAX blockchain, so they can be purchased and sold outside of the game.

And with this new creation chain will come the up coming period of colony growth. Gamers contribute Data to investigate swimming pools, each to support the Colony but also in the hopes of obtaining a payout in the type of Discovery NFTs. Cargo ships use Gasoline to vacation again to Earth and return with materials. And developing Colony buildings necessitates many assets, with contributions from numerous players.

Mission Four

Colonize Mars NFT pools
Colonize Mars NFT Swimming pools

Mission Four cards really don’t arrive in the standard crates. In its place, gamers obtain playing cards from card swimming pools. There are four pools in all, each and every with different odds for getting carious card rarities. All playing cards for Mission Four, which includes Onwership, Sponsorship, and the new extremely-uncommon Solar Flare playing cards, will come out of random draws from these swimming pools. Players could obtain a number of playing cards at at the time, or one at a time. Playing cards are disclosed as soon as they are bought. Buys from the larger rarity pools will price far more, but we don’t know the final selling prices nevertheless

As players get playing cards from the pools, the selling price for cards boosts. But then, as soon as playing cards are included to the pool, the selling prices fall again. This creates a fluid pricing model to match the provide and demand for Colonize Mars NFTs. This also allows the group to simply just fall new playing cards into the pool, somewhat than building a new sale for each individual Mission.

Mission 4 is spaced out into 4, different drops, every single with a distinct concept. Fall one particular is construction, fall two infrastructure, a few is geology, and four is security. Mission 4 also introduces a new card rarity, Photo voltaic Flare. These are rarer than Darkish Make any difference playing cards and have much more weight when harvesting resources. Mission 4 NFTs ought to arrive in July.

What is Colonize Mars?

Colonize Mars Solar Flare Greenhouse
new Solar Flare rarity Greenhouse

Colonize Mars is a strategic colony simulation match created on the Wax blockchain. Players use their NFTs to support in colony advancement and at some point create land expansions and establish player-owned hubs. Players stake playing cards and preserve them at typical intervals to obtain Martia tokens as rewards in the to start with Period. Afterwards phases will include growth, expeditions, and discovery. The recreation also capabilities Possession playing cards, which receive passive revenue.

Colonize Mars has currently unveiled a few sets of playing cards, with a fourth mission expected before long. Mission 4 crates will only be available in the recreation store, however they can be acquired with both WAX and Martia tokens. This established of playing cards sees the 1st, short-term settlement on Mars begin to increase to some thing much more permanent.

Colonize Mars released a thematic mini-match to their site. This match see gamers driving a rover across the Martian landscape in research for resources. The sport has a Minesweeper experience to it, with players possessing confined moves to test and come across hidden resources. The group also current their whitepaper in May possibly of 2022

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