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Violetta Palak Jones is an remarkable artist that has been discovering NFTs and the convergence of are and technologies more time than nearly everybody in the place dropping her very first NFT on SuperRare in early 2020. Her most up-to-date drop Peyote Unsightly  is a outcome of a collaboration involving 4 artists from different nations Poland, Holland, Mexico and Norway, and was designed through their residency at Arthouse Pani, in Tequisquiapan, Mexico. The artists made a sequence of artworks encouraged by Mexican folks culture and mythology. They manufactured a narrative strongly intertwined with the factors of Aztec beliefs but with a humorous contact. The tongue in cheek storyline depicts the artists in an adventurous saga using put in the Mexican Jungle exactly where they steal ancient artifacts and as a outcome they are on the run from the wrath of woke up Aztec Gods.

We are honored to have spent some time with her and are enthusiastic to share this amazing interview with you all right now.

Violetta P Jones

Artist, filmmaker. 

In which are you from? Can you give a minimal information and facts about your track record?

I was born in Poland and from there I went on rather a journey. I lived with my household in a selection of nations around the world that again then had been deemed USSR. Then, when I hit to the age of cause and began that adulting matter, when you have to spend for anything and get off that healthful mooching off your mother and father I travelled and lived in the Mediterranean paradise Portugal, Spain, Italy. I stayed the longest in Portugal and from there I was about to shift to Sweden. Even so, I took a quick pitstop in Scotland. 15 Decades later on I appear to be even now changing my oil and brake pads as I have not still left still. 

Why am I an artist and why in the long run NFTs

An artist or a artistic is a man or woman who makes use of just about anything close to them in the non-major objective way. So, if you use a hammer to make a puppet toy for your young nephew you can take into account by yourself an artist or a creative… perhaps not excellent with toddlers or safe and sound to be remaining by itself with them, but surely a imaginative winner. 

I have generally been drawn to those people sorts of suggestions of making use of the globe all-around me in a a bit diverse way than culture prepared it out for me. I adore film, vogue, and good arts and that encompasses digital, animation, AR, VR and AI. The cause I turned an artist was to mix all of those people and make a incredibly participating mash of all creative and artistic disciplines accessible to human use. The NFT house is a fantastic system to do that. So why the hell not just go just steam in advance and get men and women on board, a person by one


When did you mint your first NFT. What platform and why?


My very first drop was on SuperRare early January 2020. I chose SR as it was just one of two platforms at the time. I emailed them and said I required to get on board, and they claimed “OK” haha it was nuts as no one was selling for the price ranges you can see now. It was generally $30 – $200 greenback profits and we liked it and supported every other back again then. In fact, I feel most of the revenue have been manufactured to other artist in any case. Nuts! It was straightforward, lovely, all about the artwork!

SuperRare has usually been good to me and I will by no means fail to remember them as they ended up my first 


A little something I are not able to are living with no and why?


My “diamond eyes.” I truly feel some rationalization is required here. I wear “diamonds” beneath my eyes that look like bitcoin lasers lol I truly feel that is my signature glimpse. It is nearly like a tattoo thought, but my “diamonds” are dispensable. Those people who met me in genuine lifestyle know particularly what I am talking about😊


Fav non NFT artist. What about their design and style resonates with you?


My totally favored non NFT artist is Zdzislaw Beksinski. He was a Polish dystopian surrealist who was pushing the boundaries and designed a pretty darkish but relatable planet. 

I love his artwork as it produced a movie like knowledge for me that took me to one more dimension like movies generally do. His art was total of narrative and not just quite photo. There is nothing improper with quite photographs, but my character craves the tale all-around it. Beksinski took me on a journey just about every time I frequented his display and I know just about every one piece he developed that is accessible to the public. I recommend checking him out to anyone. 

His private story was tragic and mirrored so much in the art he was making. He influenced tens of millions of thought artists all over the earth and similarly numerous conventional artists. I had a pretty unusual privilege of conference him in particular person incredibly briefly. 

I strongly consider that if he lived prolonged sufficient to encounter NFTs he would have embraced them 100%.


Who is my fav NFT artist? What would make this artist exceptional?

My favourite NFT artist is my husband, Trevor Jones. His innovative brain created me drop in really like with him and his artwork. He is the artwork, and his artwork is his stunning mind. I truly feel that his one of a kind part is that he is constantly several measures ahead of all of us. Lots of artists in this space observe the tendencies, and there is completely nothing at all improper with that, if it ain’t broken, never resolve it pondering is certainly great. Trevor, even so, has the head of a resourceful gambler. He goes in instructions that we would all shit ourselves just wondering of heading and he requires those people pitfalls, pushes individuals boundaries, establishes individuals principles and then reaps the rewards. I admire him and his attitude and work ethic.


What created you pursue NFT art?

My hubby, Trevor Jones was the reason. This was one particular of a different distinctive ways of distributing artwork of any variety and Trev encouraged me to get on board. I am seriously glad he did.


What is the one particular piece of NFT artwork you wished you experienced procured but you skipped out on?

Oh God there are so numerous. Trevor usually is the a single who purchases the parts for us, and he is so much greater at the complete process than I am so I permit him just take in excess of in this factor. We do have favorite artists that we wished we experienced jumped on their parts significantly previously, before they became a little bit out of our vary but far too numerous to mention 


If you could vacation any where in the earth in which would you go? Why this area?

Papa New Guinea, as for some cause there is a great deal of indigenous lifestyle and customs that would just sky rocket my creativeness and inspiration. I enjoy nerding out ancient beliefs, cultures, mythologies, legends, and all of that. Somehow tales encourage me and my artwork so, yeah, PNG would totally be my destination of option.


What are your other passions other than art? Why?

I adore very simple matters in lifetime. I love UFC, and a massive fan of MMA in standard. I really like fishing, hunting, chess, card online games and travelling. I share all my passions with my partner which is awesome as I get to do what I love with him, and I am so a lot far better at all of people issue far too which is an tremendous edge too. You can explain to from my response that I am not aggressive at all. 😊 


Do you make other types of artwork?

I completely do. I paint, sculpt, have entertaining in VR, and make films.


How do you appear up with distinct design and style?

Artwork is a visible language. A model is like owning an accent or communicate a certain dialect in that language. I am an artist with no a powerful accent or a dialect. I am an artist with views and specific statements or tales I want to notify. So, when you glimpse at my artwork you will not see a recognizable style, but you will see what I want to say through my visuals.


How has your model progressed around the several years?

As I mentioned over it is not the model that developed but the thoughts or the tales, I wished to tell via the visible language I learned. They might have been small stories or description of emotions or business statements, but I have normally tried using to get a little bit of interaction going again and forth with the viewers.

What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

I feel it was my co-ownership of a compact film creation enterprise. There was huge probable and good long run in advance having said that there was a quite distinct eyesight by the house owners. There is absolutely nothing even worse than placing your heart and soul for a handful of yrs into a undertaking that is halted because of to inventive distinctions. So, the lesson is just generating sure that the collaborators or projects I am embarking on in the upcoming are with folks on the exact webpage as I am.

What is coming in the potential?

I have a sensation that substantial points are coming. I located my voice and want to share it with others. I actually purpose at combining all electronic and regular disciplines in all my potential jobs and make artwork interactive experiences relatively than just viewing reveals.

I had an version art of a Scottish poet when at Rarible and the artwork came with the healthful Scottish encounter of a parcel with all that was Scottish. It was a teaser of what I required to do in the upcoming. Only one purchaser got on board, and he completely loved it. He obtained the artwork and a parcel with Scottish goods and delicacies and recorded genuine poetry. Visualize individuals experiences going comprehensive steam forward the place you can love the artwork expertise participating all senses possible. That would be phenomenal the greatest immersive experience. The tech is at last catching up and the audience is last but not least receiving the principle.

I strongly feel that in the upcoming we will all provide, typically by way of magnificent collabs, ordeals that are so a great deal more that just looking or listening. They will be completely immersive encounters that will make our bodies come to feel the artwork in just about every pour of our pores and skin.


If you could collaborate with one particular artist who would it be?

I do not have any artist in head right now, whilst I was informed at VeeCon my art would fit incredibly with Refik Anado’sl creations. I unquestionably would really like to collab with persons who have innovative capabilities that total me, like musicians or animators or MMA fighters 😊


Do you have any approaching drops?

I do have an wonderful drop coming on Thursday 26th May well on Makers Position. Peyote Unattractive – the Aztec Awakening is the collab between myself and 3 other phenomenal fantastic artists and a guest animator: Henrik Uldalen, Daniel Martin, Santiago Pani and Ivo Newport.

The 5 of us expended more than a month in Mexico consuming Mescal, building art and pissing off the historic gods. But in all seriousness what we did was anything, to my knowledge, in no way tried in this place before. We crafted a fantastic arts task acting as an expertise backed by a sturdy culturally infused hilarious narrative with an artwork mash of classic and electronic offerings, a fall with each NFTs and physicals.  Also, really worth mentioning is that every component of an animation in every single NFT began with a actual physical standard artwork factor like a portray or a sculpture or a print that was afterwards scanned and turned into a electronic asset.


Crazy overload of facts listed here so anyone interested need to just go to a task web site that clarifies everything in depth:

Linktree Hyperlinks: 





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