Yuga Labs hires Noah Davis as CryptoPunks’ Brand Lead

It has been really a although since Yuga Labs announced the acquisition of the iconic CryptoPunks and Meebits NFT collections from Larva Labs. Now, Yuga is shaking NFT grounds with an additional major news, as the head of Non-fungible tokens at Christie’s, Noah Davis, announced his becoming a member of Yuga Labs as a Brand Guide for CryptoPunks.

Davis’ influence in the realm are not able to be underestimated. It was he who was at the root of Beeple’s The Very first 5,000 Times piece auction, which is the most important NFT sold for $69 million. Led by Noad Davis, the British auction home Christie’s built a whopping $150 million in only NFT product sales last year.

The news about using the services of Davis was declared on Twitter on June 19th. “I’m humbled and honored to announce I’ll be leaving my latest publish in July to steward the CryptoPunks as Model Lead below the umbrella of Yuga Labs,” David’s tweet reads.

To chill the hoopla, Noah adds that there will not be any “rushed utilities or thoughtless airdrops” for the CryptoPunks holders timed to his assignment. 

A tweet from Yuga Lab co-founder Garga confirmed the employ of Noah Davis, together with Yuga’s programs to return the rights of ownership to CryptoPunks holders.

For now, even despite the world bear sector, CryptoPunks stays just one of the most traded NFT collections of all time. Whilst the flooring has risen by about 40% so considerably, the NFTs are not possible to experience from the decrease in the traded quantity.

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